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Joel Pelletier: Acting

2017 Voiceover Demo (6.8MB MP3)

In 2012 I began pursuing a second (third/fourth/fifth?) career as an actor. It's been mostly mostly music videos and bit parts as a featured extra in a couple of films and commercials, but as of 2014 I now have a commercial agent, The Daniel Hoff Agency, and have started getting some small parts with lines on TV shows, working my way towards indie films and beyond!

The randomness and (at this point) mystery of all of this is fascinating, and like all Art it forces you to try to understand yourself more (I need to smile more). My commercial agency expects me to be "commercial" (industry-speak for generic and attractive), but I am also very interested in pursuing more character parts (a bit less attractive and hopefully way less generic). There are many roles I could never do (being the wrong body/facial type, etc), and some I will never do, including anything with a gun (seemingly half of all available roles) as well as low life psychopaths (also sadly an unsurprisingly common combination). But given that I live in the heart of Hollywood, and 80% of all casting offices seem to be walking distance from my house, I thought I would give the acting thing a try (with thanks for encouragement from my friend Alan Pietruszewski). If it turns out I have no acting abilities, then whatever - I may at least occasionally appear as a pissed-off guy or musician (or pissed-off musician) in a video, TV show or movie near you!

In January 2018, after a few years of professional experience doing English dubbing and voiceover work, I have joined SAG and also branched out into Loop Groups (as of October 2018, I changed my SAG status to Fi-Core, which means I can work union and non-union shoots). As for voiceover/looping experience and specialties, I know all manner of music and arts terminology (I'm a working pro musician and studied classical music and painting in college), can do many forms of teacher/educators (incl. liberal arts/sciences/etc), medical and legal professionals (I play a lot of doctors and lawyers), most working class trades, and am very good at researching almost anything. Accents include East Coast/New England/New York, some Southern American accents as well as many Euro accents (I have a dead on French accent, and do decent German, Dutch, Italian and British Isles, and even some Russian). I do not speak any other languages per se, but can and have prepared dialog phonetically. Call 818-373-7511 or email if you have a project.

Open wide, this may be a little uncomfortable...

As the Mid-Century photographer in The Cheerleader's music video

As the "Chessmaster" beaten by his grand daughter in the 2019 Marriott Bonvoy ad (video below),
directed by French master and AMELIE and ALIEN: RESSURECTION (my fav Alien film) director Jean-Pierre Jeunet,
and photographed by Academy Award winning DP Janusz Kaminski (quite an experience, albiet very quick).
A pleasure to watch them work so effortlessly.

As a Scottish Elvis impersonator for Apple's Group Facetime App.

As an 1860-era portrait artist in the short film VERONA

"Creepy Landlord" with French music artist Marina Kaye, and a dream come true - MSNBC Reporter in a Ludacris music video

Some stills as the teacher (and bad dancer) from STONED ON EASTER by Matt Jaffe & The Distractions (video below). I get in touch with my inner David Byrne for some dance moves

I have created a voiceover audio demo, featuring some reading, some acting, some voices, and comedic threads (most improv).
I grew up listening to Firesign Theatre, National Lampoon Radio Hour and Monty Python, which can't help but
infringe on what I suppose should be a "standard voiceover demo" - whatever that is.
2017 Voiceover Demo (6.8MB MP3)

2019 Marriott Bonvoy ad, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet (with DP Janusz Kaminski), premiering on the 91st Oscars telecast.

2018 ad for Apple's Group Facetime App; I'm the Scottish blue jumpsuit Elvis.

2018 ad for California Proposition 10, as the father of a grown daughter who can't move out of the house.

Here's a 2018 ad for Kendall Motor Oil where I get in touch with my inner Stingray.

Here's a 2017 USC short written and directed by Henry Quilici entitled Deus, where I portray a research scientist dealing with an ethical dilemma:

Here a rough July 2015 edit of a short film "Los Angeles Immigration" with me as the "Immigration Officer":

In this 2015 short, "Audition" by Laura Bray, I play a casting director:

Here I am as the dad in the new All Def Digital web sketch "If Dads Talked Like Jaden Smith":

Here's a short improv I did as "Trump's Hairdresser" (originally recorded in March 2016 - simpler times):

The 14 Feb 2017 music video "Heroe Favorito" from online superstar Romeo Santos; I play the bad boyfriend's dad, and get to do the mannequin challenge:

Here's a video from AOL on finding your dream job - I'm the office manager at your NOT dream job:

In this December 2015 trailer for REELZ series DR. FEELGOOD I am Dr. Max Jacobson, the renowned physician and drug pusher
(I will post the entire episode when I can find it online). I do love doing period stuff (esp. 1950's-60's), and I supplied all my own wardrobe.
Video currently not available...

In this clip from TruTV's series SIX DEGREES OF EVERYTHING I play a singing Beauty Contestant host (featuring my actual singing voice and lots of bronzer):

Here's an audition I taped in 2016 for the part of God trying to explain his negligent work. I never got called for the gig, but I still like the script and this take:

Here the full video as the "Photographer" in The Cheerleader's new 2015 video for the song THE SUNSHINE OF YOUR YOUTH, which you may have to click thru and watch on YouTube (directed and shot by Alexander Alexandrov):

Here I am as the bearded reporter in the 2015 music video BEAST MODE by Ludacris; expect some clever but rather colorful use of the English language:

May 2015 music video for Matt Jaffe & The Distractions - STONED ON EASTER (as the teacher and bad dancer):

Here's way-over-the-top beer commercial for the Brazilian beer SKOL, featuring (amongst other things) Mike Tyson on a drum kit, Steve Aoki, and (if you don't blink) yours truly as the upright bass player on the roof of the cabana. They really liked how I was spinning the thing, and kept asking me to repeat it, and there it is - the very cliche spinning upright bass shot to go along with all the other cliches they packed into 60 seconds:

In this 2014 music video for Russian singer Alexander Kogan I am the EMT in the desert race sequence:

I'm the geeky glasses guy (go figure) in this 2013 music video WHEN A FIRE STARTS TO BURN from Brit EDM sibling duo Disclosure:

In this 2013 video from the band Heaven and Earth (directed by Glen Wexler) I'm the guy in the Bunny mask, as well as a general voyer in a few very quick shots:

In 1999 I directed this music video for my song TOUCH (from my CHAMBER POP album; more towards the bottom of the Music page). Shot in 16mm, mostly slow mo in B/W, it features many now dead and dearly missed pets of mine at the time:

You can see more videos of me as an actual musician on the Music page.

I'm trying to work my way up the professional media food chain, with an eventual goal of shooting my own shorts and films. I do like the retro thing, and have provided much of my own wardrobe for 1940s-1960s period pieces (Mad Men and Masters of Sex take note!). Since so much media is about stereotyping, I have focused on intellectual middle-aged male characters, including Doctors, Professors, Musicians and Artists. Fortunately, that's already me, so very little acting seems to be required.

This isn't my first time at the rodeo. Back in the late 1990s-early 2000s I sometimes appeared as a background or "sideline" musician in some films and TV programs, including including Jim Carey's "The Man In The Moon", Star Trek Voyager, VH1's Meatloaf Bio, Family Matters, Celine Dion Special (CBS), INK, Fame LA, Murphy Brown and Columbo.

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